Conference | 1. October 

12.30 o’clock: Arrival with welcome soup

We look forward to seeing you!

Portrait Marianne Wiendl

Marianne Wiendl

Portrait Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer

Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer

Prof. Edwin Hübner, Germany:
“Perceiving the world and people – where do our senses develop? Opportunities and risks of the digital age”.

16.00 o’clock: Break

Dr. Pashya Roberto Kaplan, Südafrika/Deutschland und Vistara Haiduk, Deutschland:
Myopia Time Bomb – a public health hazard

Myopia Time Bomb – a public health hazard.
There is a neglected holistic approach in joining all practitioners of vision in the world. This is, how to use training and therapeutic lenses as part of prevention and rehabilitation. This talk will review the possibilities for vision educators to include when working with Opticians and Ophthalmologists.

Portrait Pashya Roberto Kaplan und Vistara Haiduk

Dr. Pashya Roberto Kaplan und Vistara Haiduk

Giorgio Ferrario, Italien:
„Sounds to stimulate the connection between hearing and seeing.”

Mikolaj Markiewicz, Polen:
„Sport as myopia prophylaxis”


Mikolaj Markiewicz is a psychologist, he has been teaching natural vision improvement for 38 years. Miko used to work with children a lot. Now he lectures at several universities about therapy of vision of seriously impaired children and prevention of myopia. He has been also working with athletes of all levels. He is the co-author of a book about vision training in sport, based on the research conducted at Szczecin University in Poland.


I will talk about the connection between vision, movement and screens. When I started my work with vision in the eighties only a fraction of my clients suffered from eyestrain. Now spending our life looking at screens the grown-ups suffer from eye fatigue and the children from myopia and difficulty with processing visual information which sometimes leads to dropping out of school. In Poland, less than 15% of 13-year-old children have perfect eyesight. My experience is that among young athletes of this age less than 10% has myopia.

Portrait Mikolaj Markiewicz

Mikolaj Markiewicz

19.00 o’clock: Dinner

Konferenz | 2. Oktober 

07.45 o’clock: Morning program

Bernadette Epp-Wöhrl, Germany: “BreathWalk – for more energy, good health and better vision”.

Step by step and breath by breath to more serenity, mental clarity, physical fitness and good vision.

BreathWalk is the unique combination of outdoor walking, rhythmic breathing and meditative awareness. The beneficial effect of active training and relaxation in alternation promotes concentration, regenerates and refreshes the body and mobilizes energies. Each walk begins with warm-up exercises and ends with a relaxation sequence.

There are a total of 16 different BreathWalks, which can be used for stress and burnout, overweight, menopausal symptoms, circulatory problems, etc. and also very well for eye health. They strengthen the immune system, promote vitality, concentration and emotional balance, and increase the supply of oxygen to the body, brain and eyes.

Anyone can participate in a BreathWalk, untrained people such as athletes, young people and older people. No previous knowledge is necessary and no special equipment – comfortable running shoes and clothing adapted to the weather are required.

Benefits for the eyes:

  • Enlargement of the visual field
  • Clearer vision
  • farsightedness
  • Relaxed eyes
  • Better blood circulation due to increased oxygen supply

“Body Time – playful in the day”

Johanna Wiendl

Today’s times are marked by efforts to make life more profitable, successful or efficient.
However, many people have lost sight of something: the desire to play.

Within this morning program we will wake up your body and your inner child.

You can expect a movement session with lots of fun, laughter and creative new exercises for your work as a vision trainer.
Let yourself be surprised by the power of the game and start the day with a lot of energy and joy!

“When we stop playing, we stop exploring life in all its possibilities, and we are forfeiting the potential that lies within ourself.” (translated – Gerald Hüter, 2016)

Portrait Johanna Wiendl

Johanna Wiendl

08.15 o’clock: Breakfast

09.30 o’clock: PLENUM, attunement with Uschi Ostermeier-Sitkowski

Four parallel workshops (30 minutes), which are attended one after the other by everyone.

Petra Schneider, Germany:
“How the knot in the head affects the eyes – trauma work in holistic vision therapy.”

Portrait Petra Schneider

Petra Schneider

Elvira Boguth, Germany:
“Cranio-Sacral Therapy for Fusion Weakness.”
treatment demonstration


In my daily work the Cranio-Sacral-Therapy turns out again and again as valuable assistance for the eyes. The treatment of cranial bones (e.g. the sphenoid bone) is especially helpful for strabismus and angle deficiency and facilitates binocular vision. Even double images after a squint operation can be corrected with it.

Judith Bolz, Germany:
“Hypnosis and Vision“

Refreshes into the photoreceptors – powerful metaphors for healthy vision

Portrait Judith Bolz

Judith Bolz

12.30 o’clock: Lunch

Marianne Wiendl und
Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer

Vision work: “From dream to reality”

7-step process work for personal and community vision building

Step 1: Finding your personal vision: “What do I want to achieve for my own sight?

Method: Vision Swings

Stage 2: Making the vision visible

Method: Intuitive Painting

Step 3: Share your vision with others

Method: Small group

Stage 4: Networking – making existing networks visible and creating new ones

Method: Installation

Stage 5: Making the similarities visible

Method: Collage

Stage 6: Expanding the collaborative vision

Method: Presentation of the similarities. The Meta-Collage

Step 7: Expand your personal vision

Method: Intuitive Painting

19.00 o’clock: Dinner

20.00 o’clock: Sound Event – Participating concert with Manfred Hill

Konferenz | 3. Oktober 

07.45 o’clock: Morning program

Amelia Jurado Fernandez, Spanien: „ChiWalking“


ChiRunning & ChiWalking are based in applying the principles of efficient movement of Tai Chi to walking and running, so you can move forward as a consequence of connection between mind and body: you create alignment in your body – stable, nice and tall – so you can relax all your mobile parts. Your whole body is moving forward effortlessly and safely, creating the conditions for energy to flow.
The movement starts in your Dantian, your center of energy.

Gisela Schauer, Deutschland:
„Eye Dance – Fließende Bewegungen für die Augen und den ganzen Körper.“


Gisela Schauer, Germany:
“Eye Dance – Flowing movements for the eyes and the whole body.”

With flowing movements we influence the eyes positively! This program especially awakens the sense of sight. Have you ever let your eyes dance consciously? Well-known eye exercises are creatively integrated into flowing movements. We animate the whole body playfully with music that inspires body, mind and soul.

Portrait Gisela Schauer

Gisela Schauer

08.15 o’clock: Breakfast

Philippe Hannetelle, France & Viola Schöpe, Germany:
“A new way to see – return to a clear view.”

Vision therapy with the method “The Body Mirror System” by Martin Brofman

Portrait Philippe Hannetelle

Philippe Hannetelle

10.30 o’clock: Break

Ursula Gachnang:
Dissolving visual blocks through meditation

Portrait Ursula Gachnang

Ursula Gachnang

Marianne Wiendl und
Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer

Dom Helder Camara – “When one dreams alone, it remains a dream. When many dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.”

12.30 o’clock: Lunch