History of conferences for holistic vision

On October 18 and 19, 1986, the 1st Conference for Holistic Vision took place in Giessen, Germany, initiated by Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer and co-organized by Micha Krenz.

The invitation said:

“All teachers, therapists, instructors, researchers for Bates-/Corbett methods, eye yoga, vision training, eye relaxation, natural eye strengthening, visual meditation, visual perception and biofeedback, eye diet, (Neo) Reichian methods for the dissolution of eye blockages are invited….

The aim of the meeting is to get to know each other and to gain insight into different areas of practice, to exchange experiences on theoretical, methodical and practical questions of the professional fields, lectures, demonstrations and the exchange of techniques….

We hope that this conference will result in a fruitful and continuing context.”

The conference was attended by over 30 teachers from all over Europe, most of whom had never met before.

It was the firm wish of all participants to repeat such a meeting on a regular basis.

A participant from Austria (Harry Spitzer from Vienna) spontaneously agreed to organise the next conference in Vienna in autumn of the following year. There were already twice as many participants, and an annual rhythm of the conferences was decided by those present.

Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer agreed to organise the conferences in Frankfurt/M in 1988.

More than 100 participants attended this 3rd conference, which took place in the Dominican Monastery and in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, and which was accompanied by public lectures and seminars.

The next one emerged spontaneously from this and each of the following conferences, solely out of the need for continuity on the part of the participants present.

At the 20th conference in Genoa in 2005, a two-year cycle was decided upon in order to provide space for interim national and regional meetings or symposia of the respective associations that had formed in the meantime.

For some years there have also been independent conferences for Holistic Vision in North America and, from 2020, also in South America.


List of international conferences


1st Conference, 1986

Gießen, Germany

Organization: Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer, M. Krenz


2nd Conference, 1987

Vienna, Austria

Organization: Harry Spitzer


3rd Conference, 1988

Frankfurt, Germany

Organization: Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer + Team


4th Conference, 1989

Cologne, Germany

Organization: Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer, M. Krenz + Team


5th Conference, 1990

Salzburg, Austria (?)

Organization (?)


6th Conference, 1991

Zurich, Switzerland

Organization: Marianne Weber-Blattert, Leonora Koller, Cornelia Stromeyer,


7th Conference, 1992

Bremen, Germany

Organization: Martina Weinast , Micha Krenz + Team


8th Conference, 1993

Chateau de Fonjuan, Mur de Sologne, France

Organization: Annie Tilmant, Silvia Pinter


9th Conference, 1994

Munich, Germany

Organization: Team Munich: Gisela Wesche-Nielsen, Uschi Ostermeier-Sitkowski, Veronika Binder, Wolfgang Gillessen, Dieter Schneider, Astrid Werner


10th Conference, 1995

Amsterdam, Holland

Organization: Hans van den Brink


11th Conference, 1996

Brighton, England

Organization: Peter Mansfield


12th Conference, 1997

Karlsruhe, Germany

Organization: Margit Reinhardt, Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer


13th Conference, 1998

Brecon, Wales, Great Britain

Organization: Peter Mansfield


14th Conference, 1999

Krakow, Poland

Organization: Sergey Litvinov, Margaret Gluth


15th Conference, 2000

Vienna, Austria

Organization: Dr. Jörg Schmidbauer


16th Conference, 2001

Berlin, Germany

Organization: Team Berlin: Dr. Georg Kwiatkowski, Almuth Klemm +Team


17th Conference, 2002

Paris, France

Organization: Nina Hutchings, Eva Lothar


18th Conference, 2003

Zurich, Switzerland

Organization: Carla Real, Maja Gnehm, Marianne Weber, Rosmarie Ruegg +Team


19th Conference, 2004

Madeira, Portugal

Organization: Silvia Lakeland


20th Conference, 2005

Genoa, Italy

Organization: Maurizio Cagnoli, Lauretta Canepa + AIEV Team


Every two years from here:


21st Conference, 2007

Tutzing/Munich, Germany

Organization: Team Munich: Marianne Wiendl, Gisela Wesche-Nielsen, Uschi Ostermeier-Sitkowski, etc.


22nd Conference, 2009

Spa, Belgium

Organization: Marie Schils, Hortense Servais, Anton Molitor.


23rd Conference, 2011

Gazzada (Varese), Italy

Organization: Giorgio Ferrario + AIEV-Team


24th Conference, 2013

Gazzada (Varese), Italy

Organization: Giorgio Ferrario, Giuliana Gatti + Scuola BatesTeam


25th Conference, 2015

Madrid, Spain

Organization: Amelia Jurado, Amelia Salvado


26th Conference, 2017

Edinburgh, GB

Organization: Aileen+ John Whiteford, Anna Bambridge + Team


27th Conference, 2019

Academy for Healthy Living, Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany

Organization: W. Hätscher-Rosenbauer, M. Wiendl, U. Ostermeier-Sitkowski+Team

Review of previous conferences to follow soon.